🗽Dumbo, July 2020

photos Jul 25, 2020

It was a long-standing plan, sometimes obsessive, to drive to Brooklyn, Dumbo early in the morning to take some pictures. One of the reasons was that I had already tried to go there, but it was in the middle of the day and I could not even park my car. And finally, I made up my mind, set the alarm for 4:30 AM, to admit it was not easy to get up so early, but still, I did it. For some reason, Google Maps laid a route through the Lincoln Tunnel instead of Holland Tunnel, which made me arrive to Dumbo a little later than the scheduled time, fortunately, there were no parking problems this time. I managed to enjoy the view of the bridge at dawn, the absence of crowds of tourists was especially valuable. As a result, I managed to make some pretty good shots, I think.

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